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Esther Manor Farm featured on RadioIQ

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Patience Fielding, African woman wearing a hat leans over a green field on a bright sunny day
Patience Fielding harvesting a plant called Njama Njama on her farm. It grows in Africa and is one of the most popular products on her farm.

Some studies have shown that people in immigrant communities may be more likely to face food insecurity, particularly in urban areas. They often can’t access, or afford, fresh, healthy vegetables. And the types of foods they grew up eating usually can’t be purchased in grocery stores.

“There is such a need for farmers like myself that cater to immigrant populations,” said Patience Fielding, who was born in Cameroon, in central Africa. She now has her own small farm that specializes in vegetables indigenous to Africa. “America is such a country of immigrants— it’s a melting pot of cultures. We are rich because of the various cultures and foods that we bring with us as immigrants.”

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