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Fresh African Produce 

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Bitter leaf

Bitter Leaf

Bitter leaf is a small plant with dark leaves and rough bark belonging to the Asteraceae family. The bitter leaf plant is rich in plant compounds that function as antioxidants. Native to tropical Africa, the leaves are very bitter, hence its name. They are also called Onugbu, Ewuro (Nigeria), Awonwono (Ghana), Omubirizi (Uganda), Ndoleh (Cameroon), Ebichaa (Ethiopia), and Umubilizi (Rwanda). While the leaves are consumed in stews, soups, and juices, stems, and roots are used in herbal remedies.


A Black owned, female-owned farm in the heart of Virginia

Our Services

  • Grow African ethnic produce and contribute to sustainable farming

  • Provide a nurturing space for children and adults with disability

  • Create a cross-cultural community around food and farming

  • Connect to nature and its abundance

  • Foster global networks and facilitate cross cultural understanding

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A Black owned, female-owned farm in the heart of Virginia

Our Products

Our Philosophy

  • Family is at the heart of our business.

  • We  support women entrepreneurs, people with disabilities, and fellow farmers

  • We create an inclusive culture that values all types of diversity-race, ethnicity, class, ability, religion, age.

  • We know that amazing things happen when you follow your heart and live your purpose



Njama Njama

Njama Njama, Njamsu, (Solanum scabrum ) is one of the most popular vegetables in Cameroon especially in the North West Region. It is sometimes referred to as African nightshade and huckleberry. It is served with such favorite dishes as fufu, achu, n’kati n’kati, Nutritionally, njama njama offer lots of health benefits to consumers. It has beta-carotene, vitamin E, high levels of folic and ascorbic acids; and medium levels of calcium and iron. Njama Njama has a long history of medicinal use as well, and can also be used as a dye plant.


Waterleaf, (Talinum triangulare) is a small succulent plant that extremely nutritious and high in oxalate. It is rich in  vitamins A and C, and minerals such as iron and calcium. It is used to make soups and stews. Water leaf is a key ingredient in eru, a dish that is widely consumed in Cameroon and Nigeria. The leaves are also used as a coloring agent in okra soup and eaten raw in salads.


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